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We buy everything, from Morgan and Peace silver dollars, to
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American Rarities buys all early U.S. Commemoratives
WANTED: Rare Coins and Collections!
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Prestige sets
  • All US Early Type coins,
    Including Half/Large cent, Two-
    cent, Three-cent, Bust/Seated
    Half-dime and Dime, etc.
  • US Cents, Including Indian
    Head, Wheats
  • US Nickels, Including Buffalo,
    Jefferson, War
  • US Dimes, Including Mercury,
  • US Quarters, Including Standing
    Liberty, Washington
  • US Half dollars, Including
    Walking Liberty, Franklin,
  • US Silver Dollars, Including
    Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower,
    Sacagawea, and SBA
  • Bulk US coins - Bags, rolls,
    boxes of all circulated
    conditions accepted
  • All US key date and rare issue
  • All US Gold, Silver, and
    Platinum bullion coins
  • All US Gold, Silver, Copper and
    Nickel pieces
  • All US Commemorative coins
  • All Colonial coins
  • All US Paper Currency,
    Certificates, and Notes
  • All International Gold bullion
    Pandas, Krugerrands, etc.
  • All US and rare Gold coins,
    Including Saint Gaudens,
    Liberty, Indian
  • All $20 Double Eagles - Liberty
    and Saint-Gaudens
  • All $10 Eagles - Capped Bust,
    Liberty, Indian
  • All $5 Half Eagles - Capped
    Bust, Capped Head, Liberty,
    Indian Head
  • All $4 Gold Pieces - Stella,
    Flowing and Coiled Hair
  • All $3 Gold Pieces - Indian
  • All $2.50 Quarter Eagles -
    Capped Bust, Capped Head,
    Classic Head, Liberty, Indian
  • All $1 Gold Pieces - Type I, II,
    and III
  • All US Gold Mint and Proof sets
  • All Commemorative coins
  • All International Gold pieces
  • All International gold and
    silver coins
  • All International Mint and
    Proof sets
  • All Rare World coins
All Foreign Gold, Silver, Platinum
Maple  - Leaf, Krugerrand,
Panda, etc.
  • All Foreign Commemorative
No Collection is Too Large, No
Collection is Too Small!

American Rarities buys everything
you are willing to sell - we never
cherry pick.

Contact American Rarities today
to request a free, no-obligation
evaluation and offer on your

American Rarities Buys Coins of All Types and Varieties, Including:
Examples of U.S. and World Coins that we buy.
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