We purchase US coins, foreign coins, US paper money and
bullion of all types.  We buy rare coin collections of all types and
sizes from around the country. Our buyers can travel to you. We
provide free rare coin appraisals on every collection we examine.

We are professional coin dealers who work hard to make a strong
offer on every coin collection.  No one is going to make you a
better offer to buy your numismatic rare coins than American
Rarities.  Unlike other coin companies, we do not "cherry pick"
collections - we are interested in the common and mundane, as
well as the rare and esoteric.

If you're considering selling your coins, or are interested in finding
out more about how selling can benefit you, please
contact us.
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American Rarities will pay more for your rare coins and U.S. paper money
Don't sell your U.S and World Coins for less than they are worth.
Our coin buyers are experts in all aspects of numismatics.
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Colonial through US regular
Gold dollars through Double
Eagles, including territorial
& small denomination gold.
All US silver dollars - Flowing
Hair and forward.  All dates
and mint marks.
All US paper money, both
certified and raw.
Collectible coins from
around the world - all
countries & denominations
All collectible gold coins
from across the globe.
Coins, medals, bars, and
ingots in gold, silver or
"Junk" US silver coins -
dimes, quarters & half dollars
We are PCGS and NGC
Certified Dealers
Coins that are graded, but
not by the "big three" listed
at left.
We are your rare coin
identification experts.
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buyers travel nationwide to
purchase large collections, and
attend every major (and many
regional) coin shows.
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